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Hey everyone!  Myself and the website are back in business after a long break in the action.  Of course, it all began with the pandemic, but now I have to overcome my own inertia and get back out there.  (To paraphrase one of Newton’s laws: “A body at rest tends to stay at rest...”)

My first performance back was last September as part of the Sing Out Loud series in St. Augustine.  With my friend and partner, Mark Richey, we did a set at Colonial Oaks, which I really enjoyed.  It was great to get to perform again.

When I wanted to put the date on the website (which I had not posted anything on in quite some time) I found the website had been hacked and taken over by nefarious forces.  As anyone trying to view the site would have found, all that could be seen was a blank white screen.

After much back and forth with my web-site and domains provider, and of course some transfer of green paper, they cleaned up the wreckage of the web-site and told me that the web content had been destroyed and asked me if I had a back-up, to which I replied “Huh?”

Enter my dear friend and original web-site designer, Gary Bouchard.

Gary indeed had a back up and went about restoring the pages and content to the site.  A thousand thank yous, Gary!

I’m starting to get my act together and, hopefully, I’ll have some gigs going this spring.  They’ll be posted on the newly refreshed web-site.   Hope to see you soon!

UPCOMING:  Stay Tuned!


After much soul searching, I’ve decided that I won’t be doing any gigs downtown. Too many hassles with traffic, parking and crowds for this old guy.  But, it’s a big county and I’m looking at some new venues for me, here on the beach and elsewhere.

Yours in music,


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Radio interview on WFOY, Saint Augustine, on November 12th, 2008.

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